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For the Classroom - Units

Familiarize students with the various types of units and how to convert between different units.

Discussion Topics:

    English vs. Metric

    • Which unit systems are primarily used where


    • mm – (approximately the thickness of a dime)
    • Terminology – Machinists express small measurements in thousands of an inch


    • TF = 2*TC + 32 (Approximately)
    • Introduction to Kelvin


    • Mass and weight are related properties of matter, but not the same


    • The amount of space that an object or substance occupies


    • F=P*area (Examples: Piston/Air cylinder)


    • The ability a physical system has to do work on other physical systems


    • Power is the rate at which work is performed or energy is converted


    • ρ=m/v (from General Equations section)
    • Discuss Different materials
    • Strength vs. Weight
    • Additional Materials are listed on the inside card

    Fractions/millimeters decimals

    Unit Prefixes

    • Introduce students to Scientific Notation (Exponential Notation)
    • Show students how to use scientific notation functions on their calculators

    Classroom Practice (with other supporting materials):

    • How to use Calipers and a Micrometer
    • Use a calculator to perform some basic unit conversations
Material Properties Slide Charts
Engineer chart distance energy conversion
Mass Pressure Volume conversion chart
Material Properties Slide Charts
Material Properties Slide Charts
Material Properties Slide Charts
Material Properties Slide Charts
Material Properties Slide Charts
slide chart unit conversion


Engineering Slide Charts
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