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For the Classroom - Drafting

Introduce students to the drafting side of welding, surface finishes, and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). Supplement with real life examples and some common practical applications.


Welding Drafting Slide Charts


Surface Finish Drafting Slide Charts



Tolerancing Slide Charts

Discussion Topics:


    • Familiarize students with different types of welded joints and welding processes
    • Teach students how to properly use common weld symbols on a drawing
    • Rule of thumb for weld sizes (typically with respect to thinnest metal being welded)
    • Finishing welds
    • Welding dissimilar materials

    Surface Finish:

    • Familiarize students with the different types of surface finishes
    • Review machine operations that will achieve certain finishes — raw material vs. machined vs. polished (show pictures of the parts and sample parts)
    • Discuss when better finishes are required
    • Preferred call out, and that there are other ways to call out (N Grade)

    Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T):

    • Why is GD&T important? - (basically, it describes allowable variation)
    • Familiarize students with the different types of GD&T, what they mean, and how to properly add GD&T to a drawing
    • Discuss how adding unnecessary precision to a part, adds unnecessary cost
Engineering Slide Charts
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