Engineering Slide Charts
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Engineering Slide Charts

Chart Development

Screw slide charts have been around since the mid 20th century. They became popular in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, mostly as promotional giveaways and had continued to develop up until the early 80’s. The best chart on the market was the Universal Reference Calculator developed by TAD Technical Service Corporation, but was discontinued in the mid 90’s. Today a few smaller screw slide charts are on the market that contain some of the information from the TAD screw chart in either English or Metric, but not both.

The Engineering Slide Chart was developed with the goal of taking the traditional screw selector to the next level. With the continued growth of international sourcing it was very important to include Imperial (Inch) and Metric on the same chart. We wanted the chart to include as much information as possible without being overwhelming, so we chose 8 1/2” x 11” because it would fit nicely into folders, binders, etc. The screw chart is made from thick, durable plastic with a protective film, so it will hold up in semi-harsh environments.

In addition to the standard screw sizing specifications, we included technical information from many of the quick references that are commonly found in the work areas of designers, engineers, and machinists. The Engineering slide chart is a great reference tool for:

  • Engineers, Mechanical Designers, Drafters, and CAD users who do mechanical design
  • Machinists, Model Makers, Tool and Die Makers
  • Service – people who perform service on or install mechanical equipment
  • Maintenance Departments

The Engineering Slide Chart is a MUST HAVE for recent college or trade school graduates who are just entering the workforce. It will become a valuable reference tool that will last their entire career.

Engineering Slide Charts
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