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For the Classroom - General Equations

Introduce students to the basics of constant acceleration equations, statistics, and other general equations.
Supplement with real life examples and some common practical applications.

Discussion Topics:

    Constant Acceleration Equations:

    • Freefall
    • Show how the equations are manipulated to vary the unknown
    • Introduction to gravity (units are an acceleration)


    • Introduce students to probability
    • How to collect, analyze, and interpret data
    • Quality Control (SPC—Statistical Process Control)
    • Draw conclusions and decision making based upon data
    • Estimating the present or predicting the future

    General Equations:

    • Overview on Newton’s Laws of motion
    • Show examples of how to use the Stress formula to perform basic tensile and shear calculations
    • Refresher on density
    • Refresher on Sin, Cos, and Tan

Equations Slide Charts

Equations Slide Charts

Equations Slide Charts


Engineering Slide Charts
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