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For the Classroom - Material Properties

Introduce students to various material properties.

Discussion Topics:


    • Familiarize students some of the more common metals
    • Strength vs. Weight
    • Corrosion resistant, non-magnetic, etc.

    Shore Durometer:

    • Introduction to Shore Durometer
    • Different Shore Durometer scales
    • Why is Shore Durometer important
    • Tables provides a realistic comparison to common items

    Hardness Conversion:

    • Explain that the Hardness of a material is it’s ability to resist penetration, indentation, and scratching (plastic deformation)
    • Explain the Tensile Strength of a material - Introduce students to the Stress vs. Strain Curve
    • Show how Hardness and Tensile are measured

    Thermoplastic Properties:

    • Introduction to different types of plastics
    • The various properties of plastics that need to be considered (The categories shown in the table are some of the more important properties to consider during the design process)
    • Colors
    • Standard sizes and profiles that are commonly available (McMaster-Carr, Reid, etc.)

    Classroom Practice (with other supporting materials):

    • Show samples of different Shore Durometers
    • Show samples of common plastics
    • Discuss considerations when selecting materials
      • Strength
      • Weight
      • Cost
      • Application (i.e. under water, corrosive, UV, etc)
      • Ease of machinability, fabrication, etc.


Material Properties Slide Charts
Material Density Slide Charts

Shore Durometer / Hardness Conversion Slide Charts

Thermoplastic Properties Slide Charts
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