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For the Classroom - Beam Deflections

Familiarize students with beam deflection calculations, which are one of the fundamental parts of strength of materials.

Discussion Topics:

    Beam Deflections Slide ChartsBeam deflection is based on the following:

    • How the beam is supported - Introduction to free body diagrams
    • Length of the beam
    • Loading (point load vs. distributed load)
    • Cross-sectional geometry of the beam (Moment of Inertia)
    • Type of material the beam is constructed from (Modulus of Elasticity)

    Classroom Practice (with other supporting materials):

    • Set up a simple beam loading experiment where the students can use indicators to measure deflection to see if the theoretical matches actual
    • Independently change the material, geometry, and support of the beam to see how the deflection changes
    • Change the load to see how the deflection changes


Engineering Slide Charts
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